Live fast, stay young…NAD+ do it well

Forget Botox, THIS is the all-natural, scientifically tested product that you need to get that youthful glow this season.

We get wrinkles when our bodies are no longer able to produce collagen and elastin in our cells, which gives the appearance of thinning and sagging skin.

The culprit is sunlight, more specifically the UV radiation from sunlight.

Radiation causes DNA mutations, which affect the way our body produces proteins like collagen and elastin.

When we’re young our bodies are able to locate mutations and fix them, but as we get older our bodies cannot restore the ‘broken’ DNA and we begin to show signs of ageing.

Our bodies deteriorate as we age and it has been thought to be irreversible and unavoidable since the beginning of our existence. But what if I told you that human trials for an age reversing pill would begin in months?

Yep, that’s right. Professor Sinclair and his colleagues at UNSW have worked out why our DNA stops being able to repair itself, and they’ve found a way to fix it.

It all starts with a molecule called NAD+. This may sound familiar if you’ve taken high school biology, as it is found in every single one of our cells and is vital for our existence. But until now, no one has completely realised its full function.

In 2013 Professor Sinclair and his colleagues noticed that young mice had higher levels of NAD+ than older mice. They thought this might have something to do with ageing.

They were right, and they investigated how it works.

But before you (as a consumer) get too excited about a cheap facelift; after its human trials, this drug will be exclusively used to treat extreme cases of radiation exposure, like chemotherapy or cosmic radiation. There is no doubt that these patients should be first in line for this treatment.

But another prospective market has been missed. Policy makers, scientists and journalists alike are hesitant to make any statement on whether this technology can be used for cosmetic purposes for the average citizen.

Scientists need to get down off their pedestal, and see the potential of a cosmetic product like this. Australians spend $1 billion on cosmetic surgery annually, and some people are willing to invest $700 on La Prairie skin tightening serum.

Imagine the social, economic and medical benefits of a product that cheaply and effectively reversed the ageing process.

But why stop at the cosmetic industry, everyone could have access to NAD+ pills that would provide a safe and natural method of prevention and treatment for the visible and genetic signs of ageing.

Modern medicine has already increased human lifespans exponentially; this technology is simply taking the next big step. It could have the potential to add an extra 20% of youthful life to humans.

That’s right, a potential 20 extra years.

Imagine that.

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