Don’t let illness keep you down↓ It’s time to get those steps up↑


[Stand Up to illness↑]

          If you don’t already know, part of our motto here at Stand Up to illness↑ is to figure out the best way of taking a more active approach in fighting illness. This isn’t about letting cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure or even depression win. Instead, Stand Up to illness↑ is about taking the reigns on your own life in order to get to where you want to be. If you’re not already on board, it’s time to be. We don’t have time to wait around, especially considering what I’m about to tell you.

For all those wanting to make a change in their life, join us as we ahead off to Hong Kong to make note of an observation that I think will interest all of you. Why Hong Kong you may ask? Research suggests the majority of people in Hong Kong fail to meet universal recommendations for the amount of exercise we should be doing each week. If you’re not convinced with where I’m going with this, hold on, I’ll make it worth your while. Here’s the interesting bit.

Exercise improves Health

          To make this connection a group of scientists got together to figure out what type of walking (yes walking! no running involved!) would best help us combat health problems and keep us the healthiest. This was observed by giving members of families in Hong Kong (non-exercisers) either with or without existing health problems a walking measurement device and telling them to go about their daily lives.

What the scientists looked to compare:

  • The number of steps taken while walking at a steady pace
  • The number of steps taken while walking at a fast pace
  • The total time spent walking

What did they observe?

  • Steady Pace = Family members who took lots of steps tended to be healthier then family members who took fewer steps
  • Fast pace = more steps, yet not practical for people with health issues
  • The total time spent walking was insignificant
    – Healthy or less so, the family members were able to walk for
    the same total amount of time

 What does this mean?

          One of the best ways of taking a more active approach in fighting illness is to exercise. The best way for those who don’t typically exercise to get active is to build on the number of steps taken when walking.

So lets do it together!

          Our top priorities here at Stand Up to illness↑ are to promote health and community. We are here for you. We are serious about this and we urge you to join us if you are too. We don’t make excuses. Rather the Hong Kong study was an example of how we can implement change in our lifestyles to benefit our health.

 So join us in time for our Stand Up to illness↑ awareness walk in September!

 What are you waiting for?!

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