Science Fiction Folio

Guest post by: Alissa 

This is a link to a website I made for my Science in Popular Fiction Folio. There are some flaws in the site and a few things went missing or got distorted in the process of it going up on the net, but you get the general idea. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Science Fiction Folio

  1. StephS says:


    I love the more in depth blog discussions vs the basic overview of sci-fi stuff.

    I’m not so sure I agree with you 100% on the teaching value of science fiction, though you do make a good argument. It seems you’re not convinced that it can be a useful tool. I think, yes, it needs to be used catiously as a tool, but it has so much potential, especially for people that may not be interested in science. If people are engaged and interested, they often WANT to know more. If they aren’t, well, they often aren’t going to want to learn anyway, and they’ll get their ‘facts’ from around them anyway (such as TV, other people, etc), so they will potententially have a worse effect then using Sci-fi in class, where the errors can at least be discussed and pointed out.

    I hope that makes sense!

    Love the website!

    • Alissa says:

      Thanks Steph.

      I agree with what you are saying about it being a useful tool and that it definitely needs to be used cautiously. The majority of articles I read were so adamant that it MUST be used as a pedagogic tool that I wanted to try and argue a bit more for the other side of the debate.

      Hope that clears up what I was saying a little bit.

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